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Home and Community Counseling

From Surviving to Thriving

It's time to take the next step.

This is video and phone-based therapy for the over-stressed, the lost, the outcast, and the disconnected; this is therapy for anyone ready to thrive again!

Don't let affordability keep you from getting the help you need. Check out our partner Reimbursify to help you utilize out-of-network benefits to make therapy as accessible as possible.

Concerned About Cost?

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Manage Stress

Handle stressful life events without procrastinating, numbing/shutting down, self-sabotaging, panicking, or blowing up.

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Feel Hopeful Again

Recapture a curiousity about what life could be. Engage in utilizing your creativity, talents, and passions to participate in the flourishing of your own life and the world around you.

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Connect Deeply

Develop a sense of connectedness with others, fostering deep, safe, and trusting relationships in the places where you live, work, and play!

Therapy for the Lost, Outcasted, and the Disconnected

Think: The Family "Black Sheep," LGBTQ Communities, people who feel "let down" by life, the neurodivergent, and those who are differently-abled, those who struggle with procrastination and focus problems associated with ADHD, survivors of abuse and other traumas, the anxious, those who struggle with chronic stress and shame, those who struggle with hopelessness and depression, and all those who yearn for meaning and purpose in their lives. I focus primarily on adults, but work with adolescents 12 years and up, as well as couples and families.

Therapy for people who are ready to thrive again. For people who want to find relief from stress, depression, anxiety, trauma and shame, who want help moving toward health in their relationships, who want to let go of the past, want to learn more about their talents and passions and how they can use them to have a positive impact in, as well as grow the sense of connection in their homes and communities.

Feeling like you might never be able to get over this?
What's keeping you stuck?

It's normal to fear what you don't know, and moving from the struggles you do know to a life you don't is no easy task. Many people end up identifying with their symptoms. It's what shame sounds like. Shame says, I did bad, therefore I AM bad. It causes us to identify with the worst things we've done, or the worst things that have happened to us.​Have you ever thought: 

  • "Who would I even be if I didn’t struggle like this?"

  • "Will I ever be able to get out of this?"

  • "What will I have to do?" 

Identifying with your symptoms often leads to a feeling of “stuckness” and even comfort within the dysfunction. We will work together to address the fear of the unknown that can keep you stuck as we explore what might be possible in your life.

We believe you deserve better.

Our conviction is that every person should have access to therapy that delivers, leaves a great impression, uses relevant tools, and is as affordable as possible!

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Get Counseling From Someone Who Understands

Licensed Professional Counselor in Missouri

I understand how difficult it is to engage in this work, having been in therapy on the client side multiple times myself. I try to make this process as easy as it can be by providing clarity to anyone who reaches out to me, whether that’s clarity on whether or not we’re the best fit (providing resources for you if we aren’t), or clarity on each step in the process as we work together to change your life.

I've been in the mental health field since 2011 and worked in a variety of settings (long-term mental health group homes, transitional housing facilities, crisis centers, medical clinics, and now in private practice) and have had targeted training in interpersonal communication, mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy, professional ethics, letter-writing for gender affirming care, etc.

With my video-based counseling services for individuals, couples, and families I've helped literally hundreds of people transform their lives and the spaces where they live, work, and play! I've helped people craft resumes and find employment, get out of toxic relationships, move through grief after a loss, process trauma so they no longer met criteria for posttraumatic stress disorder, overcome social anxiety, strengthen relationships, dismantle shame, find healthier ways of coping with stress, and more. 

Your Story is Still Being Written

Let's craft a strategy as unique as you are for a better chapter ahead

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Learn What Your Symptoms Mean

Looking at your symptoms from an evolutionary psychology approach, we'll explore how these symptoms are meant to help protect or strengthen you, how and why they stopped being helpful in your life, and what we can do about it.


Your symptoms have a function or purpose, and when you learn what your symptoms are trying to tell you, you can address the root problems.


Learn to Listen and Respond to Your Mind and Body

When you increase your awareness of what your thoughts, feelings, and body states are trying to tell you, it becomes easier to take better and better care of your whole person, which in turn helps you become less reactive within yourself, in your relationships, and out in the world, as well.


This then frees you up to more easily examine your beliefs and even replace what is no longer serving you.


Learn to Reconnect

Reconnect to the people, passions, and pastimes that used to bring you joy, and find new ones along the way. 


Learn about the neuroscience of joy, happiness, depression, stress, trauma, anxiety, etc. and how to leverage this information to reignite joy in your life by signaling to your mind and body, through reconnection to the things that make life worth living, that it’s time to live again.


Learn How to Unburden Yourself in a Safe Space

Sometimes, we all need a safe space to share the parts of our stories that we normally don't tell anyone.

And having someone who really cares actually listen to you to try and understand (not just to reply) helps people unburden themselves from the heavy things they’ve been carrying around for far too long.


It relieves and it heals. It reconnects us to ourselves and to our needs to be seen, heard, and understood. 


Powerful medicine, indeed.


Learn how to set and stick with small goals that add up to big results over time

No matter the obstacles in the way, we will work to identify them, understand what kind of obstacle it is (is it a hurdle that is meant to be overcome? Or is it a guard rail that's there for your protection? Or something else?), and create a step-by-step plan to overcome any obstacle that prevents you from thriving. 

Mt. Everest has never been climbed in one, giant leap. But rather, Everest is climbed through a combination of careful planning, including training, learning skills,  and execution that puts these skills to use. I've seen too many clients conquer their own personal "Everests" to think we can't do the same for you. One step at a time.


Learn how to ask the big questions with courage and honesty

Ok, so life hasn’t turned out the way you thought it would. Dreams, relationships…you’ve watched a lot of them come and go. You've been through loss, and life has changed so much.

In the back of your mind, you may be left wondering, “Do I even matter? Does any of this mean anything? Do I have a purpose? Am I loveable? Broken? Too far gone?” So many people try to keep themselves from acknowledging these questions, let alone trying to answer them. I am not the one with all the answers, but I promise to come alongside you, providing the safe space and being a safe person with which to courageously and honestly explore the big stuff if that's what you want to do.

What You Can Expect

Choosing Home and Community Counseling means we'll work to establish trust and bond in the professional client/therapist relationship so that therapy is safe .


I'll Come Beside You

I will not become your micromanaging boss or judge, more like a professional hiking buddy who has walked this trail with many others, knows the pitfalls and things to watch out for as you work to climb this mountain.


Like Your The Only Client

I promise to treat you like you’re the only client I have when we’re in session together. You will have my undivided attention to the best of my human ability.


I'll Value Your Experiences

I promise to value your experiences, your wisdom, and your knowledge, always remembering that you are the expert on your own life.


I'll Always Ask...

If you feel heard, understood, and respected each session, and will work with you to address anything, from any session, that leaves you feeling any other way without you having to worry that I’ll get upset, turn things around, or argue with you, but will work to understand and create a plan with you so that this isn’t the case next session.

Counseling Services For Everyone

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One-on-one meetings with Collin. We'll discuss goals and obstacles, craft a unique treatment plan, and work to take manageable steps toward your dream life.


Hourly Rate: $85

Reduced-time: $55

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Your relationship is "the client," and we'll work together to improve communication, sort through problems, and work to reignite the spark you had for each other.

Hourly-rate: $85

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Your family is "the client," and we'll explore relationship dynamics, communication, boundaries, etc. to improve the functioning of your family unit

Hourly-rate: $85


Client Testimonial

“I do not have the same life I did six months ago. Collin helped me start meditating, helped me work on my interview skills and I actually got a new job. For the first time in years. I can leave the house again without feeling like I'm going to have a panic attack, I've made new friends, and I guess I believe in myself now? Weird."

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