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Rolling Hills

Who do I help?

Chronically-Stressed and Worried

Think: Anxiety, PTSD, ADHD and Procrastination, and just everyday stresses that add up over time 

Chronically Numb, Sad, and Hopeless

Think: Depression, Thoughts around Suicide or Self-Harm, Feelings of Purposelessness, Struggling to love yourself, etc.

Lost, Outcast, and Disconnected

Think: "Black Sheep," LGBTQ Communities, people who feel "let down" by life, Neurodivergent populations, and those who are differently-abled)

How do I help?

Understand the function or purpose of their symptoms and uncomfortable/painful experiences 

Looking at your symptoms from an evolutionary psychology approach, we'll explore how these symptoms are meant to help protect or strengthen you, how and why they stopped being helpful in your life, and what we can do about it. 


Your mind and body never really gave up on you.

Learn to listen and effectively respond to what their body and mind are saying

When you increase your awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and body states are trying to tell you, it becomes easier to take better and better care of your whole person, which in turn helps you become less reactive within yourself, in your relationships, and out in the world, as well.

Reconnect to the people, passions, and pastimes that used to bring them joy, and find new ones along the way.

Learn about the neuroscience of joy, happiness, depression, stress, trauma, anxiety, etc. and how to leverage this information to reignite joy in your life by signaling to the body, through your behavior, that it’s time to live again.

Have a safe space to share the parts of their journey they normally keep stuffed in a locked box in the corner of their minds.

Having someone who really cares actually listen to you to try and understand (not just to reply) helps people unburden themselves from the heavy things they’ve been carrying around for far too long. It relieves and it heals. It reconnects us to ourselves and to our needs to be seen, heard, and understood. 


Powerful medicine, indeed.

Learn how to carefully consider, and even shift, their own thoughts and thought processes without judgment

Together, we'll help you learn how to put those thoughts under the microscope to see how they fit with the world around them and with their beliefs, their values, and their worldview. By learning the art of reframing, people learn to see their situations from a number of viewpoints and replace the thoughts (and ultimately, beliefs) that no longer serve them on their journey.

Learn how to set and stick with small goals that add up to big results over time.

No matter the obstacles in the way, we tackle them one at a time, and create manageable steps that build on one another. Everest has never been climbed in one, giant leap. I've seen too many clients conquer their own personal Everests to think we can't do the same for you. One step at a time.

Learn how to ask the big questions with courage and honesty.

You know life hasn’t turned out the way you thought it would. Dreams, relationships…you’ve watched a lot of them come and go. In the back of your mind, you’re left wondering, “Do I even matter? Does any of this mean anything? Do I have a purpose? Am I loveable? Broken? Too far gone?” The list goes on, but so many people try to keep themselves from acknowledging these questions, let alone trying to answer them. I promise I'll work to provide a safe space in which to courageously and honestly explore these things.

And so much more!

No two people are alike, so no two therapy journeys look the same! No matter what you come in with, we'll work together to craft a plan of action as unique as you are. I've worked with a wide variety of issues throughout my time in inpatient crisis stabilization facilities, transitional housing facilities, group homes, and now in private practice. I'm confident we can help you move in the direction that best fits with your goals.


Video and Phone-Based Counseling to help you get where you want to go, from wherever you're most comfortable


One-on-one meetings with Collin. We'll discuss goals and obstacles, craft a unique treatment plan, and work to take manageable steps toward your dream life

Hourly-rate: $85

Reduced-Time Sessions: $55


Your relationship is "the client," and we'll work together to improve communication, sort through problems, and work to reignite the spark you had for each other

Couples sessions are conducted by the hour: $85


Your family is "the client," and we'll explore relationship dynamics, communication, boundaries, etc. to improve the functioning of your family unit

Family sessions are conducted by the hour: $85

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